But how does it all work:

I love creating stuff but right now having a lot of stock on all T-shirt is a bit hard. But luckily there is PRINTFUL. So i can design great products and when you order it they take very good care of printing it and shipping it. It is realy great because i can do something i love!

Is there a goal to all of this:

Yes! for me i want to make great things, and i love to see people wearing my designs! but let’s be real getting some money out of it to cover expenses and having a beer with friends is also a great thing. No need to get rich! thats! To show the world what you like, be yourself, help me to be creative, and giving you a beer if we ever meet somewhere!

If you want to know more about me, i suggest you follow me on instagram. you have 2 flavours there the kinky (The_mister_timo) or the daily (Sonnyravesteijn).

If you are interested in my photography work you can check that out at SonnyvanRavesteijn.nl

Last but not least i want to realy thank you for visiting, even if you don’t want to buy anything, i’m happy you took the time to check this out!

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